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Phosphenic mixing, mixing a thought with a phosphene: USA Pocket Kit

Mixing a thought with a phosphene, i.e. phosphenic mixing, transforms the energy of light into mental energy, enhancing and strengthening our mental abilities


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Phosphenic mixing

Light is key to life and its development, but light requires a name and a technique to be fully understood and properly used: That is Phosphenism.

In 1963 in France, Dr. Francis Lefebure, M.D, school teacher and doctor, started his research about the stimulating effect of light on all mental abilities. He researched for more than 40 years about what happens if we think about something specific in the presence of Phosphenes.

¿What are phosphenes and phosphenic mixing?

A phosphene is a multicolored light that appears in our inner mind after staring at a proper light source. It lasts for about 3 minutes and changes colors until disappearing.

Dr. Lefebure made an extraordinary discovery:

Mixing a thought with a phosphene, or phosphenic mixing, transforms the energy of light into mental energy, enhancing and strengthening our mental abilities.

Phosphenes have very unique features. They are not simply a curiosity of nature, but they offer simple, effective and useful daily applications which were unknown before Dr. Lefebure’s discoveries. He was a real genius and published more than 30 titles on the results of his lifelong research.

Phosphenes produce an outstanding neurologic, emotional and subtle activation. And not only that, the moment we mix them with a thought, a memory, an emotional charge or an idea, its energy can be transferred to the area we are associating it with, nourishing it, fertilizing it, enriching it and purifying it.

Some practical applications for the phosphenic mixing´(mixing a thought with a phosphene, phosphenic mixing).

1. Reading with phosphenes: Improving reading comprehension
2. Studying with phosphenes: increase of concentration and improvement of memory.
3. Solving a problem or difficult situation: emotions, fears, traumas, meditations.
4. Studying mathematics and science.
5. Studying a foreign language.
6.  Improving sleep and insomnia therapy.
7. For depression, increasing our vital energy and improving outlook on life.